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Valken Redemption Paintballs

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Valken Redemption Paintballs
Shoots straight & breaks on target.

Redemption is the world's top-of-the-line paint from Valken. It has a very thin, brittle shell that reliably breaks on target, making it perfect for high-stakes tournaments where you can't risk a bounce. The fill is bright and thick, practically exploding on target; there's no missing a Redemption ball break.

Paint Grade Scale:
- Shape 10/10
- Fill Colour 10/10
- Brittleness 10/10
- Fill Thickness 10/10

- Made of 100% PEG, safer for the environment than oil-based paintballs.
- Striped shell for maximized field protection
- Consistent flight path and breakability.
- Reliably breaks on target.
- Formulated to have a bright marking fill with no staining or mess.
- Industry leading flight path and consistency!
- Brilliant colored Litho box
- Cardboard Dividers and Square box for assured quality on delivery and in show room

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