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If you can't find the answer to any of your questions below, just give us a call at 416-284-0746 or email us at

How Can I Place An Order?

1.1: Online

Premium Paintball is proud to have the largest paintball ecommerce website in . Our site is updated daily with new products by our team of ecommerce gurus. When you place an order with Premium Paintball through our secure shopping cart and you will receive FREE shipping for any online orders over $199.99. Certain restrictions apply. Please see the Free Shipping Policy below for more information.

1.2: By Email

To order by Email simply follow these four steps and email the order to

1. Your full name and address.

2. Your telephone number.

3. A list of the items you would like to receive.

4. How you would like the product shipped.

1.3: By Phone

To place an order by phone with a credit card you must call 416-284-0746.

We can ship to you prepaid on your credit card.

What are my payment choices?

2.1: Credit Card


2.2: PayPal

Premium Paintball Products Inc. is happy to accept payment by PayPal as long as your entire order consists of In-Stock merchandise. Also note that if the Shipping address of your order does not exactly match a 'confirmed' address in you PayPal account we may hold the order for further verification. If we are not able to verify the order it may be canceled and you will be given a full refund. Please read below about PayPal Confirmed addresses. To ensure quick processing or you PayPal order we recommend shipping to a confirmed address.


How Does an Email Money Transfer work when I want to place an order?

When you make a purchase on our website for the form of payment you want to make, select "Check/Money Order". Once you complete the order form, we will receive an email from the shopping cart, and you will receive a copy of the invoice with an order reference number. We will "personally" respond to this email giving you instructions on how to pay for your order with Email Money Transfer. After you email us the funds through your online banking software, we will consider the order "paid for" and we will process and ship your order.

Can I use this option if I want to make an order by phone?

Just call us at 416-284-0746 to place a phone order. Request to pay by Email Money Transfer. We will give you the order reference #. Once your payment comes, we will consider the order "paid for" and we will process and ship your order.

I Have Other Questions About This?

Just phone us toll free at 416-284-0746 or email


3.1: Premium Paintball will gladly offer an exchange or credit note on any product sent back to Premium Paintball for return. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return most items within 40 days of receipt by completing our return process at that time we will issue a credit note. Certain products may not be returned for any reason. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Premium Paintball reserves the right to determine which items we wish to receive as a return. A return authorization form is required for any and all returns. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING WITHOUT AND RMA FORM! All returns MUST include a copy of the original invoice. Returns after 40 days will not be accepted. Barrels and clothing (gloves, masks, and neckguards excluded) must be returned in an unused condition WITH THE TAGS STILL ON THE CLOTHING. All original packaging, manual(s), blank warranty cards, and miscellaneous parts and accessories must be included. Any free or promo items we offered with an item must also be returned. A 25% re-stocking fee will be applied to all returns. This will be refunded to you as a credit note. FINAL

SALE ITEMS DO NOT APPLY. Refund amount will be for the current price of the particular item. Shipping, handling, and insurance are not refundable. If you have a question email us or if you wish, feel free to call us at 888 236 6090 ext 72.

3.2: Open or used products returned will be subject to a higher restocking fee to be determined upon receipt by Premium Paintball. This restocking fee will vary depending on the condition of the returned merchandise. Merchandise that has been used extensively and shows signs of wear and tear will be subject to a 40-80% restocking fee. Use is defined as any attempt to install, fire, wear, wash, use, oil, air up, open, remove, damage, or otherwise manipulate.

3.3: Premium Paintball will gladly EXCHANGE anything it sells except what's not permitted for return for other merchandise purchased from Premium Paintball for NO RE-STOCKING FEE PROVIDED THE PRODUCT IS UN-USED OR UN-OPENED. Used or open products will still incur a re-stocking fee based on how much they were used. You are still responsible for the freight to and from Premium Paintball for the exchange, or feel free to stop by in our store.

3.4: Orders already confirmed with our vendors where product is en route and then are completely cancelled (whereby the order is 100% cancelled and nothing else is ordered in it's place) by the customer are subject to a 15% invoice processing fee

3.5: Credit notes amounting to under $10.00 will automatically be added to a future purchase in any online purchase. We don't do refunds on anything under $10

3.6: Any and all returns that Premium Paintball has to pick up from the local post office will incur a $20.00 retrieval fee.

Shipping and Other Information

4.1: All shipping will be done via

Post Expedited Insured unless otherwise requested.

4.2: If you wish to have your order shipped based on availability, please make a note of this on your order. We will gladly let you know what's in stock and what's available. Shipping timeframes are approximates only, and are to only be used as a general guide. We will always quote 7-10 business days from date of confirmation to date of delivery for an order, BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL TAKE 10 DAYS TO RECEIVE AN ORDER. IT TYPICALLY TAKES LESS. If you want exact timeframes for your specific order, please e-mail .

4.3: Tracking numbers are automatically sent to your e-mail when your package ships. Therefore if you haven't received your tracking number, your order has not shipped. Please make sure you are capable of receiving your tracking number. TRACKING NUMBER'S ARE ONLY SENT ONCE, AND WE CANNOT RE-SEND THEM! Due to the rise in postal fraud and re-routing of shipments, we cannot provide a tracking number without an order reference number. No exceptions will be made. Make sure e-mail filters are not going to filter it out, and make sure your inbox is not full so the e-mail does not bounce back to Post. This is the #1 question people have for us when asking for the status of their order and it is the #1 most important piece if information you need to keep track of your order.

4.4: All items damaged or lost in shipment are insured and covered by Post. Once packages leave Premium Paintball and are received by Post, we are no longer responsible for their delivery or conditions as per the Post Act. All packages shipped by Premium Paintball are sent insured. When the post office loses or damages your goods, them, not us, are financially and LEGALLY responsible for ascertaining whether they will either issue a refund or return your lost goods. We will do everything in our power to assist you in locating, replacing, or repairing your damaged or lost property by the post office, courier, etc. All damaged goods will be replaced with the same or similar item. WE DO NOT ISSUE CASH REFUNDS ON LOST SHIPMENTS!

4.5: International shipping rates vary from location to location.

4.6: Shipping to postal codes beginning with an "X" or "A" do not qualify for our free shipping as well as any location in Canada without road access or surrounded by water, and shipping will be based on "actual cost" to that postal code or location.

4.7: Substitutions may occur if the manufacturer is backordered for a long period of time, the product has been discontinued, or we've been made aware of too many bad reviews on an item. In all cases you'll will receive an item worth equal or more money. The 40 Day Guarantee will still be in effect if you are overall still unsatisfied with the substitution and subsequent cost savings to you. You will not be charged a re-stocking fee on a substitution if you're not happy with it. If you wish to return the goods for exchange on a substitution, you will be credited the freight you paid to have the goods returned within the 40 Day Guarantee timeframe. No substitutions are sent without the permission of the "buyer," not the "end user." We contact ALL customers before sending substations either by telephone or email.

4.8: Premium Paintball reserves the right to limit or suspend any promotion running on our website. During our sales which incorporate Premium Paintball paying the taxes on a purchase, all free items attached to other items are suspended.

4.9: Any and all returns that Premium Paintball has to pick up from the local post office will incur a $20.00 retrieval fee.

4.10: Business Days do not include weekends or holidays.

Free Shipping Policy

5.1: Shipping to postal codes beginning with an "X" or "A" do not qualify for our free shipping as well as any location in Canada without road access or surrounded by water, and shipping will be based on "actual cost" to that postal code or location.

5.2: Free shipping only applies to orders in Canada.

5.3: Free shipping Does Not cover the processing and handling of all orders. A $2.00 handling fee will still apply to orders that qualify for free shipping.

5.4: Free shipping Does Not apply to paintballs and items with large dimensional weights, for example gear bags, Tippmann TPN paintball markers, etc...

5.5: Free shipping Does Not apply to discounted orders or orders containing a discounted product. A "discount" can consist of, but is not limited to: clearance pricing, package discounts, group purchase discounts, and online/holiday sales such as those seen on boxing day.

Personal Information Privacy and Security

6.1: Credit card fraud is a crime. Premium Paintball verifies all addresses and purchases. If we find anything suspicious, we hold the right to cancel or hold your order until we can verify certain information.

It is the policy of Premium Paintball Products to respect the user’s right to privacy.

Our Policy Concerning Personal Information :

Our online order site is subject to strict security measures designed to protect your privacy and the personal information you share with us. When using our website, you agree to having read, understood and accepted the conditions and limits of liability set out herein.

Legal framework for the protection of personal information:

The Premium Paintball Products online order site is published in the province of Québec , . Québec and Canadian laws protect the personal information you, the user, provide. For further details on user rights, log on to

Use of personal information:

The information gathered on the Premium Paintball Products online order site shall, subject to user consent, be used solely for the purposes of processing product orders from this website.

Transmission of personal information:

The Premium Paintball Products online order site does not communicate any personal information obtained with respect to users except to answer specific user queries or other for which consent has been provided by the user. Furthermore, the confidentiality of all information transmitted electronically is ensured by means of powerful security measures. (See ‘Security measures’ below.)

Security measures:

The Premium Paintball Products online order site is certified by warrants the site as being the property of Premium Paintball Products. This confirms the secure nature of the site, and indicates to users—by means of a symbol appearing at the bottom of their screen—that the order information provided is encrypted for security purposes.

To protect the personal information of users during transmission, the Premium Paintball Products online order site has implemented strict security measures designed to protect users against the loss or unauthorized use of personal information. The Premium Paintball Products online order site uses the recognized Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protocol to ensure the secure electronic transmission of information.

Disclaimer: Premium Paintball Products is not responsible for typographical errors. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only, and we reserve the right to substitute or change items without notice. The use of paintball products may be prohibited in certain localities. Please check with your local law enforcement regarding the legality of paintball products in your area. Premium Paintball Products is NOT responsible for any injury or death from the improper use of any paintball equipment purchased from Premium Paintball Products.

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