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A paintball gun cannot reach its full potential without the right paintball loader, also known as a hopper. That being said, choosing which paintball loader is right for you can be a little tricky.

There are three main categories of paintball loaders: gravity feed, agitation, and force-feed. Gravity feed paintball loaders are simple containers for paintballs that rely on the effects of gravity, and the vibration from a player’s movement, to feed the paintballs into the paintball gun.

Agitation paintball loaders are typically battery operated and encourage the paintballs to feed at a greater rate by keeping them in motion while the player is firing their paintball gun. This is usually accomplished with some form of spinning paddles, almost like little fingers.

Force-feed paintball loaders utilize high speed, battery driven, motors to quickly supply paintballs on demand. These paintball loaders generally keep constant pressure on the next paintballs to be fed into the paintball gun in order to achieve the highest feed rate possible. The top force-feed loaders on the market are capable of feed rates of 50 balls per second!

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