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BT Delta Elite - Black - Sold Out

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Save Over $50 BT Delta Elite Paintball Gun / Marker Battle Tested Paintball strives to create markers with real-world look and feel. The Delta Elite™ paintball gun design is based on the world’s pre-eminent submachine gun and is the choice of many players who desire authenticity. While it looks like it’s straight off the battlefield, it has some advanced features that make it an awesome paintball marker. Manage the number of paintballs you can shoot with the Electronic Grip Frame, offering multiple firing modes, such as semi-auto, adjustable ramping and full auto. The Rip Clip™ force feeds paintballs using sound–activated HALO™ technology and when paired with the double trigger E-Grip, puts more paint in the air than your opponent can duck. The Apex™ Barrel can create custom shot trajectories, specifying left or right hooks, drop shots and even extended range. Features: Lightweight, Balanced Construction Impact-Resistant, Baked-On Coating Adjustable Stock Works with CO2 or Compressed Air Apex™ Barrel Multi-step trajectory control Allows extended range (even in wooded areas) Offers left hook, right hook or “drop shot” curves Electronic Grip Frame Double finger trigger Semi-Auto, PSP ramping, NXL full-auto Rip Clip™ with HALO™ Technology Sound-activated, force-feed loader Offset to the Right for Sighting Down the Barrel Built-in Rip Drive to advance balls and clear jams Holds over 200 paintballs 449.99 384.99

Empire Paintball Gun Oil 1oz

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Ninja Paintball Remote Coil Line - with Quick Disconnect

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USD $44.99

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