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Virtue OLED Bob Long G6R Board w/Grips - SOL OUT

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The Virtue OLED Bob Long G6R Board takes performance and consistency to new heights with a 10 million operations/sec. processor. And now Virtue OLED’s pro-tested game improving Drill and Training Mode Technology will make you a better player at the same time. All new Patent Pending DT Technology™ incorporates pro-level training drills into the Virtue board with visual confirmation and audio feedback through the Organic OLED (pronounced “oh-led”) Display and speaker.

*This board is compatible with the Bob Long G6R Intimidator. Includes Grips and rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries.

**The Virtue OLED Board for the G6R comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. This battery pack is necessary to fit into the small G6R Frame. The battery pack provides the same number of shots as a 9volt battery, however it offers increased performance in several respects:

Each lithium-ion pack incorporates circuitry protection, combined with a voltage regulator on the board to increase performance (compared to a standard 9 volt) over the life of the battery. This will offer more reliable and consistent power to the gun as the solenoid and eyes receives a consistent regulated voltage.
Lighter weight than a 9volt.
Memory-free recharging, saves a significant expense related to buying and replacing 9volts over the life of the battery.
Integrated Mini-USB port for charging.

Virtue OLED uses an Organic Display Screen (Rubber Virtue Gun Grips w/ Window included if necessary) to change the way you use your gun. Making changes in the programming menu is now easier than ever, but Virtue OLED doesn’t stop there. The Virtue OLED Board Maintenance Monitor™ tracks bolt cycles using the gun’s eyes and the Lube Monitor ™ will tell you when it’s time to lubricate your gun. Virtue OLED’s patent pending DT™ Technology improves your skills as a player by incorporating pro-level Drill and Training Modes into your board.

Laning Drill
30 Second Breakout Drill
Gun Up Drill
Reload Practice Drill
Reload Monitor Drill
Front Player Drill
“Ollie Lang” 3-Shot-Snap-Shot Drill
“Russian Legion” 50 Shot Run and Shoot Drill
Training Mode
With just the touch of a single button while the gun is live, you can make adjustments to the Game Timer, display the ROF Meter, or access any of Virtue OLED’s 8 Drill Modes without ever entering the programming menu!

Instant Game Timer Adjustment
Anytime while the gun is Live you can adjust and start the Game Timer without having to enter the Programming Menu! Simply tap the power button and cycle through the options (Drill Modes, ROF Meter) until the Timer is shown. Double Tap the power button to set the Seconds with the trigger, and then tap the power button again to set the Minutes using the trigger. One final tap to save the setting and you’re done! Fire two quick shots to start the Game Timer count down.

Lube Monitor
New hardware components on the OLED board now offer Maintenance Monitoring. Our patent pending Maintenance Monitor tracks your gun’s bolt cycles and tells you when it is time to Lubricate the internals. Most players are aware that lack of lubrication is bad for their gun and for performance. But most are not aware that too much lubrication is also bad on performance, causing erratic velocity consistency, leaks, and decreased accuracy. Virtue OLED takes the guess work out of when it’s time to lube your gun! Each bar of Lube Monitor represents 3,000 shots. When you reach 9,000 bolt cycles movements measured through the gun’s eyes, the gun will display “Lube Me”. After lubing your gun, tap the power button 5 times during the boot screen to reset the maintenance monitor back to zero.


Power Efficient Organic OLED Display
Bolt Cycle Tracking Lube Monitor™
Live Rate of Fire Meter™
Zero Power Drain
Enhanced Processor Timers (more accurate settings and performance)
udible Speaker
Battery Monitor
Wireless 2-way RF Upgradable
10 Million Operations Per Second
PC USB to COM Port Upgradable
NEW Four Player Profiles – Adjustable custom saved presets.
NEW Easy Trigger Programming w/ Fast Forward Trigger Scrolling and “Backwards” Power Button
11 Fully Adjustable Modes of Fire - Semi Auto, PSP, NXL, Millennium, Auto Response, Full Auto, Breakout Mode, Burst Mode, Ramp Mode, Select-A-Mode and Training Mode
NEW 8 Drill Modes
NEW Training Mode – Semi Auto Training with a Real-Time and Peak Rate of Fire Indicator.
NEW Status Prompts - OLED screen displays the status of your gun: “Lube Me”, “Low Battery”, “Eye Malfunction”, “Eyes Off”, “Loaded” and “Reload”.
NEW Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity – new setting controls processing power devoted to monitoring the trigger as the gun shoots faster.
NEW 10th Millisecond Dwell Adjustment
NEW 10th Millisecond Debounce Adjustment
NEW 10th BPS Rate of Fire Adjustment
NEW Game Timer - Up to 60 Minutes
Selectable Anti-Mechanical Bounce
NEW Selectable Anti-Breech Bounce Eye Logic
Adjustable Eye Delay
Adjustable Ramp Activation Speed
Adjustable Ramp Percentage
NEW Adjustable Ramp Shot Count
NEW Adjustable Ramping Reset Time
NEW Selectable Post Breakout Mode
Adjustable Anti Bolt Stick
NEW Adjustable Burst Shots
NEW Adjustable Auto Shutdown Time
NEW Selectable Audio Options
Adjustable Closing Dwell (Mini) and Eye Mode (Breakbeam or Reflective – Shocker)
Boot Loader Software (for future home updates)
Factory Reset - quickly reset your board to Factory Defaults.
Forced Shot w/ Eyes Enabled
Tournament Lock - Lock all settings using a dip switch to make your gun tournament legal.
Saved Settings - All settings stored in non-volatile memory so they are not lost when the battery is removed.
Instant-On - Marker is on and ready to fire instantly, even while pre-boot and boot screens are showing.
Idle Auto-Shutdown - After 10 minutes of inactivity your gun will turn off automatically to save battery life. This setting is adjustable.
LED Ball Status Indicator

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