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Valken Code & VSL Combo - Sold Out

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Valken Code & VSL Combo
High Performance Package for a Low Price

Package Includes:

Valken Code
•68 caliber electronic marker
• Trigger uses a microswitch for faster ROF
• Adjustable regulator built into the grip frame
• No external hoses
• Internal serviceable eyes
• Programable electronics run on a 9 volt battery
• Simple 1 button bolt removal
• Clamping feedneck
• Easy lever ASA
• Meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM standards
• Recommended use with Dow 33

Cool independent little video which tells it like it is.

VSL Valken Switch Loader

The Valken VSL or Valken Switch Loader got its name from being the only loader in paintball that can switch from .68 to .50 caliber in seconds. It doesn’t stop there - the VSL also comes with a click in capacity kit so that you can switch between low profile or high capacity on the fly without tools and without the need for another shell kit. And finally, the lid uses a press fit to easily “switch” from full rain lid to the optional speed feed. The VSL runs on 3 AA Batteries and has a simple one button on/off operation that anyone can use. The tool-less design boasts one of the quickest breakdowns of any loader as well as maintaining one of the lowest profiles of any hopper on the paintball market today.

VSL Performance Features:
- Simple one button ON/OFF operation
- Switch from .68 to .50 cal ARM in seconds 1/8 Turn - Both Arms included
- Click in CAPACITY EXTENDER [50+ .68cal paintballs (105+ .50cal paintballs)] - INCLUDED
- Quick release shell with secondary lock – Tool less disassembly
- Pulsing motor is gentle on fragile paint
- Quick SWITCH lid

Valken Agility Loader Case

CAN $32.99
USD $26.99

Valken Air 48ci 3000psi Aluminum HPA Tank

CAN $77.99
USD $57.99

Valken Goggles Annex MI-9 Black

CAN $79.99
USD $59.99

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