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Bunker Kings Fly Gloves - Black

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Bunkerkings Fly Gloves
Lite Weight Durable Paintball Gloves

From the inventors of the strapless pack comes the featherlite and flexible strapless Fly glove. Simply slide the Fly glove on and stretch into place. It's like wearing gloves without wearing gloves. With the Fly glove, multiple materials combine to maximize protection, durability, breathability and second-skin fit. You'll love the unrestricted mobility and smart phone friendly finger tips. The Fly is lightweight, ultra thin and comfortable, without sacrificing function or performance.

Performance Beneftis:
- Move your hands and fingers faster with more agility.
- Easily pulls on and off without a bulky strap.
- Protect your hands from impacts or the elements.
- Featherlite weight without bulkiness around your fingers.
- Hold your equipment securely without slipping.
- Breathable materials keep your sweaty hands dry.
- Extremely comfortable.

Time to hang up your old gloves and step into the future of paintball gloves with the Bunkerkings Fly glove. You know how it goes. Wearing gloves is great; until you need to do anything with your hands. Then you're taking the gloves off and back on again to do...well, just about anything.

Thanks to the Fly gloves stretch fit construction and an innovative combination of materials you can simply pull the Fly gloves on in one fluid motion and leave them there without needing to go through the old routine of removing them every time you actually have to do something. Unrestricted mobility, a strapless design that makes it easy to pull on and off are just a few of the features you'll love in the BK Fly Gloves.

Key Features:
- Strapless pull on/off.
- Stretch fit seams on the sides of the finger.
- Durable tear resistant materials.
- Breathable moisture wicking design reduces sweaty hands.
- Second skin feeling.
- 50% less bulk than competing gloves.
- Sticky silicone grip printing on palm and fingers.
- Thumb joint padding for your grip frame.

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