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HK Army Luxe X - A51 Pewter Red SOLD OUT

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HK Army A51 LUXE X

Smoothest Shooting Marker Refined

DLX has been producing Luxe's for 10 years and to celebrate they wanted to release something special. Since its inception the Luxe has been considered one of the Smoothest most Accurate shooting high end paintball markers money can buy. DLX has refined the platform a few times over the past decade improving on the guns reliability, efficiency and ergonomics. DLX aimed to improve on this extremely popular design with the Lux X to celebrate its 10 years of high level performance and winning pedegree.

The DLX Lux X improves on the tremendously popular Lux Ice. With the Pro Lock Frame DLX introduces the industries first tooless and wireless dissambly making ownership eaven easier. Ease of Ownership was a priority in designing the Lux and that objective was knocked out of the park.

DLX Luxe X Features: 
- Operating Pressure: 100-130 PSI
- Efficiency - 12 Pods from 77/4500 PSI Tank
- Toolless Disassembly
- Toolless Eye Access
- Legendary Maxflow Inline Regulator
- Lever ASA Assembly
- DLX Carbon Series Marker Case
- OTG (on the go) USB Battery Charging
- 3 times battery life
- Most Reliable Luxe ever made
- OLED User Interface
- Low-Rise Lever Feedneck
- 14" Freak XL Barrel with .687 Insert
- X Drive Spool valve Operation

The DLX Luxe X is the latest and greatest paintball gun from DLX Technologies. The DLX Luxe X carries over many of the high end features found on the battle proven Luxe Ice. An all new X-Core Bolt System sets the standard for performance. The Luxe X is more efficient, smoother shooting, and easier to maintain than all previous model Luxe guns. The Freak XL Barrel System gives the Luxe X the highest accuracy possible. The DLX Luxe X is available for purchase now at!

X-Core Bolt System
The all new Luxe® bolt system is designed from the ground up to satisfy the performance expectations of any competitive player. Featuring a multi-stage core the X-Core offers a significant increase in efficiency, a reduction of maintenance and delivers the smooth shot that has defined the Luxe® series of markers. The X-Core is the largest change to the Luxe® bolt system in more than a decade - and it was worth the wait.

Pro-Lock Frame System
Inspired by professional player feedback, the Pro-Lock frame allows the player to fully remove their grip-frame without tools and utilizes an uncompromising locking system to prevent accidental removal. Once again, Luxe® sets the new standard in tool-less features. The convenience and speed of tool-less has now made the leap to trigger frame design.

Freak XL Barrel System
The Freak XL is the latest generation of the world-renowned interchangeable bore barrel system. Custom milled and styled for the Luxe® X, it is the last barrel you will ever need. Players can utilize the Freak XL Boremaster Kit (sold separately) to access a wide range of bore sizes to ensure players the most consistent and accurate shot possible.

EZ-Axis Trigger System
By utilizing a single mounting screw and fully sealed roller bearings, the EZ-Axis trigger system simplifies adjustment and removal of the Luxe® trigger while increasing its resistance to dirt contamination. A single allen key is all that is needed to remove, adjust or install your trigger without the need to remove the frame. One of the best feeling triggers in paintball is now the simplest and most durable.

Opti-Breach Chamber System
The Opti-Breach System is designed around the interaction of the paintball, chamber and bolt face all working in symphony to minimize force. Low angle lever detents reduce pressure on the ball and offer incredibly long life. The vision system delivers excellent performance in extreme conditions and can be serviced without the need for tools. Finally, the open face bolt contacts the paintball on its strongest location, its outside edge, evenly distributing force as the ball travels within the breach.

Max-Flow Inline Regulator
Designed from the ground up for maximum flow and durability, the Max-Flo regulator is also incredibly simple to service. Complete maintenance can be completed in minutes with a single tool. A redesigned regulator seat is more resistant to wear as well as being reversible for twice the life. The Max-flo is simply the highest flow, and most durable regulator ever equipped to the Luxe® platform.

Roto-Mount Electronics
Roto-mount electronics set the standard for ease of use when working with the control boards in your marker. Simple quarter turn locking pins allows the player to remove all electronics from the marker without the need for tools or tiny screws. When combined with the Intelli-connect and Flex-pwr systems the Luxe® X has one of the most capable and user friendly electronic packages ever created for paintball.

Flex-Pwr Battery System
The Flex-Pwr battery system offers multiple charging options, a fully encased lithium cell and three times the capacity of previous Luxe® batteries. Charge inside the marker using USB-C connection or externally with optional external charger pack assures the Luxe® X can be charged from any standard USB power source. The Flex-Pwr battery system catapults the Luxe® X to the forefront of battery technology.

Inteli-Connect Wireless System
The Inteli-connect system utilizes contact pads throughout the marker eliminating the need for wires or plugs. Each connection features gold-plated contacts, and spring loaded contact pins to assure easy alignment and industry leading corrosion resistance. All major electronic components can removed and replaced with minimal chance of handling errors, never be intimidated by electronics again.

Ice-Coated Friction System
The Luxe® X bolt system retains the incredible ICE-Coating technology, world renowned for its high durability and self-lubricating properties. The ICE Friction System ensures that all moving components operate with minimal friction and very little maintenance. The extreme hardness of the ICE coating prevents scratches and damage from debris. With ICE coating technology the Luxe® X offers greater performance in a wider range of environments, with less maintenance than ever before. is your source in Canada of DLX Luxe X Paintball guns. Order today.

DLX Lux X Feature Video:

DLX Lux X Efficiency Video:

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