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UMAREX ReadyAir Compressor - 4500PSI

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Smart 4500psi Compressor

Pre-Charged Pneumatic airguns are gaining in popularity like never before. The portable Umarex ReadyAir electronic airgun compressor now stands at the ready to reliably get your airgun's air tank back up to pressure for more shooting. The ReadyAir is a high-pressure air pump that doesn't need oil or a liquid-filled radiator for cooling. The advanced design of this compressor means there's less for you to worry about when filling. Just connect the power, set the smart digital control module for the pressure you require, and make the appropriate connections. Smart automatic overheating protection circuitry protects your investment so you'll keep enjoying fill after fill instead of worrying.

Filling the Umarex Gauntlet's 13 cubic inch tank from zero to 3000 PSI takes about 7 minutes. Top-offs are made in about 4 minutes. Filling the Umarex Hammer from empty takes approximately 27 minutes and much less time to top it off after a couple of shots. Larger tanks will require more fill time, but with the peace of mind that the smart auto heat protection offers, you can fill as needed without worry. The Umarex ReadyAir can handle fills up to 4,500 PSI to keep hard-hitting big bores and air archery rifles like the Umarex AirSaber flinging arrows with authority.

- Oil-Free: Requires no oil or water!
- Smart Digital Auto-Shut Off Controls: Stops at the Pressure You Set it To
- Smart Auto Shut Off Overheat Temperature Protection
- Robust Portable Design: Just 25lbs
- Legitimately Fills to 4,500 psi
- Electric: Use standard 110 volt or 12 volts: No External Converter Box!
- Language Capability: English / Spanish
- High-Pressure Hose, Long 12 volt Cables and 110 volt power cable included
- Maintenance Kit Included (suggested after 20 hours of operation)

Ready Air Intro

Ready Air Tank Filling


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