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Planet Eclipse GTek M170R - Red - SOLD OUT

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Planet Eclipse GMEK 170R
Mechanical Version of the Gtek 170R

The Gtek 170R has been an instant success. This Second Generation Gtek, with its hoseless design, stretched out stance, simple flowing lines and exceptional ergonomics have combined with the iconic Gamma Core drivetrain to produce a paintball marker of outstanding performance and feel. Its bulletproof reliability, smooth, consistent, quiet shot and ability to shoot even the most fragile of paint in any conditions, climate, or temperature, are testament to the outstanding engineering and thought that has gone into its design and manufacture.


But with the Mechanical and Classic paintball revolution in full effect, it's time to sprinkle some old skool cool on this latest of platforms. We present the all-new M170R.

Of course, the M170R retains all of the key features of the Gtek 170R. The new POPS ASA assembly feeds air from the tank to the new SL6 regulator in the frame, and the Gamma Core drivetrain is accessed by the toolless pop-up bonnet release. The 2-Piece 14.5" Shaft 5 barrel is standard, as is the new low-rise clamping feedtube and hoseless foregrip. Detents are also accessed via a toolless latching mechanism to keep maintenance as quick and easy as possible.

But where the M170R differs is in the trigger department. Designed specifically to comply with the latest Classic Format regulations, the M170R is built around a fully mechanical single trigger frame-set. The all new trigger has 3 points of adjustment for activation point, post travel, and spring return strength.

It has dual roller bearings on the trigger pivot, and utilizes a secondary set of linear bearings in a custom housing for the push rod that activates the 3-way assembly. The result is an incredibly smooth, and infinitely adjustable trigger mechanism that operates the purely pneumatic 3-way and drivetrain. No sear to drop. No timing to adjust. Nothing to wear out. Just a super high performance, bulletproof system.

But it's the Gamma Cores wide range of talents that make the M170R really sing. And a key component in that is its fully self-timed firing cycle. Once the trigger has started to be pulled and the 3-way starts to switch, the drivetrain's fully pneumatic timing takes over. The ball is chambered, fired and the bolt returned, all completely independently of trigger position. Every shot identical to the last. Bolt position controlled with millisecond accuracy. The result is longer load times and less chance of pinching or chopping a ball and more consistent rates of fire.

Whether it's the low recoil keeping your aim on point and target in your sights, shot after shot, or the quiet sound signature keeping you concealed from the enemy as you stealthily prowl through the undergrowth, the M170R offers something for every player and every style of play. It's destined to become the mechanical marker of choice for every player, no matter what level they may be competing at.

Performance. Efficiency. Reliability. Simplicity. The Gtek M170R has it all. And is THE marker of choice for the aspiring paintball player of today.

Gtek M170R Features: 
- Powered by the Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain
- Spool Valve Operation
- Quick-Release Bolt Mechanism
- Hoseless air Transfer System
- 135PSI Operating Pressure
- ST1 Bolt
- 3-Point Trigger Adjustability
- Toolless Detent Access
- 6061-T6 Aluminium Construction
- SL6 Inline Regulator
- Shaft 4/5 Compatible
- 14.5" Two-Piece Barrel
- POPS ASA assembly
- Low-Rise Feedneck
- Battery Free

Planet Eclipse Gtek M170R Product Video

PbNation Gtek M170R Product Spotlight


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