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RAP4 T68 Firestorm Electronic Trigger Kit

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This etrigger works with T68 Gen4, Gen6, Gen7 and Splitfire Marker.
- Has 3 selectable firing mode: Semi, 3 Rounds Burst and Full Auto.
- Note: This etrigger works best with 9.6V battery.
- Note: Marker will not exceed 300 fps with etrigger.

New Features:

1. 3 rounds burst and full auto lock out – there is jumper on the board that will lock the e-trigger from going
into 3 rounds burst and full auto mode. During the lockout mode, the trigger will only shoot semi auto.

2. 3 rounds burst activates on the 4th trigger pull – this is a new safety feature

3. Full auto activates on the 4th trigger pull – this is a new safety feature

4. Adjustable rate of fire 7bps, 9bps, 13, bps (default 7bps) BPS = ball per second

Kit includes: E-Trigger, 9.6v Battery, 110V Charger, #42E E-trigger Hammer #41E Hammer Dampener, #40 Velocity Spring and Frame Attachment screw set.

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