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Shocker CVO - Black

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Shocker CVO
Mechanical Paintball Marker

Superior Mechanical Technology - Proven Performance

The original Shocker ushered in the age of electronic paintball and now the legend has come full circle. Through progressive advancements each Shocker generation has become smaller, lighter and faster than the one before. The circle is now complete… The Shocker has become mechanical.
The new Shocker CVO is joining the Shocker XLS in the Shocker Paintball lineup. The Shocker CVO takes the smoothness and efficiency found in the ultra-light and compact Shocker XLS and strips away the electronics, replacing them with a purely mechanical control system featuring a cam-actuated pilot valve. The result is a cutting edge paintball marker with a trigger pull so short and light that it matches its electronic cousins while diving into the resurgent world of mechanical tournament paintball.

Roller-Actuated Pilot Valve
This is what makes the shocker CVO tick. Replacing battery, microprocessor, power circuits and solenoid valve is a roller actuated pilot valve. The result of years of development and field-testing around the world, this precision-machined aluminum valve only needs to move less than 6 hundredths of an inch to operate. What’s more, the valves fixed seal design utilizes a valve core sliding through the center of fixed position o-rings. With less contact area in the o-rings inner diameter compared to its outside, both friction and wear are reduced. Close-before-open actuation closes the gas supply before venting the exhaust gas to maintain consistent air efficiency.

Adjustable ASA
The benefits of a sleek gas-through grip design don’t require a trade-off in flexibility. The Shocker CVO’s new ASA is position adjustable over 1/2 inch for individual balance preferences.

Precision Trigger
This sets the Shocker CVO apart from its mechanical competitors. A matched pair of sealed bearings provide a clean pivot without side to side slop. The Shocker trigger’s rear and forward limits can be fully adjusted as well as its magnetic return pull. Each of these adjustments can be made without disassembling any part of the Shocker.

XLS Bolt System
The latest bolt system from SP the Shocker® XLS bolt system elevates the Shocker®’s performance to a whole new level. By taking advantage of the longer marker platform, the Shocker® XLS bolt system has a larger internal volume resulting in even lower operating pressure of 145psi. The lower operating pressure allows the Shocker® XLS to provide a smoother, quieter shot than previous generations of Shocker® while maintaining the same level of effciency. When paired with refinements to the regulator design – the XLS bolt system has a faster recharge and greater consistency at full rate of fire then ever before.

Shocker CVO Features: 
- Precision Trigger
- Roller Bearing Lever
- Roller actuated pilot valve
- adjustable ASA
- FREAK XL with All-American Porting
- 45 Gip compatible
- Spool Valve
- Highly Efficient
- low pressure
- Carry case

The Shocker CVO completely dispenses with electronics and replaced by reliable innovative and patented mechanics. The result is a highly up-to-date marker, with a trigger that is so light and light that you could almost mistake it for an electronic trigger. Now the CVO is ready to turn the world of mechanical paintball tournaments upside down and set new records!

John Dresser of PBNation Shooting the CVO

Ninja SL2 77/4500 tank - Black/White

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